New to the church? Coming on Sundays and want to take a “next step”? Vineyard 101 is perfect for you! Dan and Kellie Kopp invite you into their home and they lead all 3 sessions — covering the history, beliefs, dreams, and core values of our church. Plus, there is always plenty of time for Q&A in every session.

Vineyard 101 is 3 sessions long and typically offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. If you want to join Vineyard 101 or have questions about it, please fill out the form below. Simply give us your name, e-mail, number of people attending, and any questions you might have. Thanks!

Why Vineyard 101?

You want to learn more about our church.
Vineyard 101 will give you some answers.

You want to learn more about The Vineyard in general.
Vineyard 101 will explain why we are The Eastside VINEYARD Church and introduce you to the broader Vineyard movement via a short DVD each time we gather.

You’ve attended on weekends and want to take a next step.
Vineyard 101 is designed for brand new attendees as well as veterans of our church.

You’ve got some curiosity about what it means to follow Jesus.
Vineyard 101 is designed to help you explore.

You want to become a member.
Vineyard 101 is our process for membership. (But you don’t need to become a member after going through it).