Dan Kopp – Lead Pastor

Dan Kopp
As someone born and raised on the Eastside, his local roots run deep. He was raised going to the Catholic Church (St. Ronald’s in Clinton Township) and graduated from Fraser High School (go Ramblers!). About the time he enrolled in Oakland University he gave up on God and became a pretty hardcore atheist. Several years later, his spiritual journey re-started and kicked into high gear. He found himself quitting his GM/Delphi engineering job and moving to California to attend seminary. Upon graduation he moved back to Michigan, where he met Kellie. They got married in 2004 and began dreaming about planting a church together. After Dan’s 25-day hospitalization in 2009 they realized tomorrow is not promised to us so their church planting dreams kicked into high gear. The Eastside Vineyard was launched less than a year later. To read the rest of the story click here.

Dave Carlson – Executive Pastor

Dave Carlson
For the past 4 years Dave and his wife Chris have traveled as itinerant missionaries going wherever God has sent them. During that time they have learned firsthand about the Father’s heart of God and have experienced his supernatural provision over and over. Their current mission has brought them back to the Eastside Vineyard where this adventure with God started. They have the exciting role of overseeing the church’s transformation from being portable to having a permanent home. Prior to leaving his job Dave was the Director of Engineering at an automotive supplier.

Chris Carlson – Connections Coordinator

Chris Carlson
For 15 years Chris lived with a chronic neurological condition known as the “suicide disease.” After all medical options were exasperated, Chris and her husband Dave were attending The Eastside Vineyard Church and were introduced to the fact that God still heals today. Then, on August 28, 2012, Chris was completely, supernaturally healed after receiving prayer (see their story at here!). Since that time, Chris and Dave have made themselves available to God traveling the world as missionaries. Their latest mission finds them back at their home church, The Eastside Vineyard, where they are working to keep up with Father God to find a 24/7 ministry facility that their Eastside Vineyard Church family can truly call home.

Lisa Schlinke – Director of Vineyard Kids

Lisa Schlinke
Lisa Schlinke and her family joined the Eastside Vineyard Church four years ago. Lisa currently serves on the Advisory board as well as the prayer team. She joined the Vineyard Kids ministry team in November of 2016 after leading the middle school aged kids. Lisa studied Spanish at Texas State University and has had many exciting experiences in regard to teaching kids. These experiences range from teaching in public schools to teaching in a circus program in Waiblingen, Germany. Lisa is blessed to be married to her amazing husband of 15 years and they have two terrific daughters. Lisa’s passion is to foster an environment that is warm and fun for kids, as well as honoring to God. Her hope is that children of all ages not only learn about the Lord, but know Him for a lifetime!

Kellie Kopp – Volunteer Coordinator

Kellie Kopp
As the Volunteer Coordinator for TEVC, Kellie works to connect people to serving needs within the church that utilize their gifts.

Julie Altman – Director of Stephen Ministry

Julie Altman
Julie is a native Michigander from Royal Oak, the youngest of 5 siblings. She is married to Terry Altman. Between them, they have 4 adult children with spouses and 9 grandchildren. Her spiritual journey began at Shrine of the Little Flower Catholic Church, followed by membership in a Lutheran church. After a long and winding life path, she experienced an unexpected and personal encounter with Jesus Christ. As He promised, life was never the same, and Julie’s heart for Christ and desire to come alongside and help others grew. Julie and Terry joined The Eastside Vineyard Church in February 2015 and found a church family, a place to serve, and a reason to seek more of God. As the Stephen Ministry Director, Julie is helping to launch our congregation’s one-to-one care-giving ministry.

Tom Petz – IT Support

Tom Petz
Technologies like podcasts, videos, email, and social media have all changed the way that people experience God’s love through the church. Tom’s role is to make sure that all of our technology fits together seamlessly to create a connected experience for church goers, whether they live close by or far away. Tom loves the “Kingdom of God” focus at Eastside Vineyard, how service is built into the core DNA of the church. Married with two kids, Tom is an avid technologist and teacher, and enjoys reading, cooking, and boating in his spare time.