Giving Philosophy

We do not mandate that our attendees give a certain percentage of their income to The Eastside Vineyard Church. We’re never going to ask for your W-2 forms to make sure you are tithing. We’re never going to guilt you into giving. That being said, we do encourage people to be radically generous with how they live their lives – how they spend their time (serving those in need) and how they spend their money (supporting organizations and people who advance the Kingdom of God on earth).

When it comes to giving, you may choose to give to your local church, the single mom or single dad down the street, or any of the dozens of amazing charities that exist – giving to each of those advances the Kingdom of God and that is our passion. If you consider The Eastside Vineyard Church to be your church home, we hope that giving to it plays a part in your overall giving equation. The percentage or amount you decide to give to our church is between you and God.

Ways to Give

If you want to give there are several ways you can do it:

  • Write a check payable to “The Eastside Vineyard Church” and drop it in the offering pouch on Sunday
  • Mail your check to our business mailing address:
    The Eastside Vineyard Church
    P.O. Box 182495
    Shelby Township, MI 48318
  • Check out our online giving platform at This option allows for one-time or recurring giving through ACH bank transfer or credit/debit card transactions. There is no fee to you but there is a very minimal fee to our church for ACH bank transfer and a little more minimal fee for the credit/debit card transaction processing. This is a safe, easy, convenient way to give and one that is used by many churches throughout the country.

    Donate Now Online

  • Text any amount with either General or Building next to the amount (e.g. texting 100 General will give $100 to our general fund) to 84321. This option has a minimal fee to our church and is safe, easy and a convenient way to give. Many churches throughout the country are currently using this tool.
  • Give online by clicking on the “Donate” button below. PayPal is a fast, convenient, and safe way to give electronically.


Note: All contributions are tax-deductible and our Advisory Board provides financial oversight and accountability.