Thursday Nights at Redemption

From May to June 2010, Dan Kopp preached for 8-weeks at Redemption Lutheran Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This series became known as "Thursday Nights at Redemption" and in many ways was the unofficial beginning of The Eastside Vineyard Church. Below are the podcasts you can listen to right on this site or download to your computer.

Week 1 – Re-Jesus Your Picture of God

Do you know that how you picture God influences every area of your life? That is why it is so important for you to get the right picture . . . and that picture can be found in the gospels. When you think about God, you should think about Jesus. And when you do this you get a beautiful picture of God . . . a God who loves you, a God who is not deaf to your prayers, a God who desires to heal those afflicted with sickness and disease.

Week 2 – Thy Kingdom Come

God’s will for healing can be found in the person of Jesus, by his words and his actions. Jesus’ words in The Lord’s Prayer include: “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In heaven there is no disease or sickness of any kind and Jesus’ words in this prayer show that this is God’s will for earth as well. Jesus’ actions match those words – he healed people again and again, thus advancing the will of God on earth.

Week 4 – Pulling Back the Curtain to the Spiritual Realm

As Christians we rarely consider spiritual warfare as a factor in determining the outcome of our prayers. Yet the episode in Daniel 10 is enough to teach us otherwise. Often when our prayers or plans don’t bring about the outcome we hoped for, we say something like “It must not have been God’s will.” But this is too simplistic.

Week 5 – You Will Do Even Greater Things Than These

Jesus said something unbelievable in John 14:12, that we would do what he did and even greater things. Jesus’ earliest followers embraced the supernatural implications of this verse, living a naturally supernatural life that involved miracles and healings. They did so the same way that Jesus did – by the power of the Holy Spirit . . . And we can too.

Week 6 – The Role of Faith in Healing

One of the most damaging things in the healing-prayer movement and the thing that has given the movement a bad name is how some Christians tell someone the reason they or a loved one was not healed was because they lacked faith. To combat this error, others have gone to the opposite extreme saying one’s faith has nothing to do with their healing. The truth is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

Week 7 – Why Everyone Isn’t Healed

Faith-filled, Jesus-loving, Bible-believing parents have children who die way too young. And faith-filled, Jesus-loving, Bible-believing adults contract an illness or a disease and some never recover. The reality is not everyone who gets prayed for gets healed. This session unpacks why this is by looking at the topic Jesus talked about more than any other – the Kingdom of God.

Week 8 – How to Live in the Already / Not Yet

We live in what is called the “Already / Not Yet” of the Kingdom of God. In other words, in some ways the Kingdom of God is already present on earth. For example, whenever someone is healed, that is evidence that the Kingdom of God is here. Yet, in other ways the Kingdom of God is not yet fully manifested on earth. People are still ravaged by disease and illness. This session will provide 7 practical steps of how to live in the tension of the “Already / Not Yet.”