The Vineyard Kids is really a ministry more than a program! Children from infancy all the way through fifth grade meet every Sunday.  It is our desire that every lesson, activity, and interaction that takes place in Vineyard Kids will help unleash the beauty of God written on the hearts of your children and our volunteers.

To accomplish this goal, we use the Gospel Project.  It is a critically-acclaimed curriculum used in churches all across the country.  We love the Gospel Project because it doesn’t just teach your kids life skills…it teaches them the Bible!  The entire Bible- both the Old and New Testament-in a chronological fashion.  And it points every lesson to Jesus! For more information check out the website.

April and May focus in our preschool and elementary classes:  After Jesus’ victory over temptation in the wilderness, Jesus began His earthly ministry. As Jesus traveled throughout Judea, His personal
encounters with ordinary people changed their lives in an extraordinary way. Jesus revealed that He was God the Son in human form, living among God’s people and bringing salvation in Him alone.